PIC(K)TURES: Filmmakers' Choice

ART BEEF is establishing a ongoing film series that will take place in our storefront space in Expo Park, BEEFHAUS. The purpose of this series is to provide a venue in which artists working in film and video can display their work and then screen a film of their choosing that has been significant to them in some way. This is not a formal setting but rather a BYOB picnic-style event, kind of like a micro-drive-in movie theater. Essentially, we will introduce the artist, the artist will introduce their piece, screen it, there will be a brief Q&A with audience or moderator, then we will screen whatever the artist wishes to show, be it Jaws 3, The Seventh Seal, or Steamboat Willie; there are no rules or prerequisites as to what they can choose to show. It is a night at the movies with a built-in audience for an artist to show their work outside of a gallery setting. Bring a picnic blanket, bring a bottle of wine, beers, snacks, etc. and enjoy the show with us. This will also serve as a fundraising effort of sorts in order to keep the space afloat to ensure future programming (SEE: BEEF HOUSE DOE NATION). All donations will directly go to offset the cost of rent and utilities of the space. Schedule is being crystallized but future screenings will include Michael Morris, Isabella Bur, David Redish, Anansi Knowbody, Melissa Tran, Matt Cusick, and many others. The first artist to present his work and choose a film to show will be Tim Best.

833 Exposition Ave, Dallas, Texas
(Located next door to Amsterdam Bar)