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Saturday February 8th 7-9 pm

The exhibition at Beefhaus Gallery focuses on work addressing language and includes Mark Booth, Michael Corris, Petra Cortright, George Horner, Adrian Piper, Richard Roth, and Michael Wynne.

Six venues in Dallas host the launch of the 2014 Dallas Biennial.

DB14 begins February 1st at The Goss Michael Foundation, followed by exhibitions at Eastfield College, Beefhaus Gallery, DB’s office space, and Oliver Francis Gallery. UTD CentralTrak’s prelaunch with artist Jeff Gibbons will also be on view through February.

The Goss Michael Foundation kicks off the events with artists Conrad Atkinson, Derek Boshier, Joseph Grigely, Stephen Lapthisophon, Adrian Piper, Martha Rosler and a Thomas Lawson retrospective highlighting over 20 works spanning 27 years of production.

Eastfield Gallery pairs Texas artists Jeff Gibbons, Francisco Moreno, Marjorie Schwarz and Brad Tucker with Berlin-based artist Michael Vorfeld and recent Rhode Island School of Design graduate Tamara Johnson.

The exhibition at Beefhaus Gallery focuses on work addressing language and includes Mark Booth, Michael Corris, Petra Cortright, George Horner, Adrian Piper, Richard Roth, and Michael Wynne.

DB’s temporary office space in a generic high-rise on Stemmons Freeway will rotate exhibitions over the next three months and opens with a variety of a media from artists Sandra Binion, Lana Paninchul, Michelle Rawlings, and Lucia Simek. Oliver Francis Gallery also opens in February in its first of 3 exhibitions for DB14 where Aleix Plademut, Paul Anthony Smith and Penelope Umbrico examine the photographic process.

About The Dallas Biennial:
The Dallas Biennial (DB) is an artist run biennial and non-profit. “We look to the now ubiquitous format as a means to advocate art production and investigate formats of exhibition and curation. Each biennial will be labeled DB, followed by the year of its launch. This year is DB14."

Directed by Dallas-based artists Michael Mazurek and Jesse Morgan Barnett, The Dallas Biennial commenced in 2012 with a two-year long internet based event entitled, DB12: Volume 1 – 4.

About the Curators:
Michael Mazurek and Jesse Morgan Barnett live and work in Dallas. They both received their MFA’s in Intermedia from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2011.

DB14 Artists: 
Alterazioni Video, Conrad Atkinson, Math Bass, Sandra Binion, Mark Booth, Derek Boshier, Bradly Brown, Gary Cannone, Asger Carlsen, Michael Corris, Petra Cortright, Jeff Gibbons, Matthew Girson, Geraldine Gliubislavich, Joseph Grigely, George Horner, Hannah Hudson, Tamara Johnson, Devin King, Lucy Kirkman, Stephen Lapthisophon, Oliver Laric, Darryl Lauster, Thomas Lawson, Karin Lehmann, Shaun Leonardo, José Lerma, Lou Mallozzi, Hubert Marécaille, Kristin Mariani, Margaret Meehan, Francisco Moreno, Miklos Onucsan, Lana Paninchul, Adrian Piper, Aleix Plademunt, Bonny Poon, Nancy Popp, Vincent Ramos, Michelle Rawlings, Ryder Richards, Martha Rosler, Björn Ross, Richard Roth, Michael Schmacke, Ludwig Schwarz, Marjorie Schwarz, Lucia Simek, Cauleen Smith, Josh Smith, Paul Anthony Smith,  Konrad Smolenski, Brad Troemel, Brad Tucker, Penelope Umbrico, Michael Vorfeld, Michael Wynne and more.

DB14 February Opening Receptions:
The Goss Michael Foundation: Saturday, February 1, 6-8 p.m.
Eastfield College:  Friday, February 7, 5-7 p.m.
Beefhaus Gallery:  Saturday, February 8, 7-9 p.m.
8500 N. Stemmons Fwy, Suite 3025 & 3020-G: Saturday, February 8, 5-7 p.m.
Oliver Francis Gallery: Saturday, February 15, 6-8 p.m.
CentralTrak: Ongoing

DB14 Venues:
The Goss Michael Foundation
The Power Station
The McKinney Avenue Contemporary
Eastfield College
Richland College
UTD CentralTrak
Oliver Francis Gallery
Beefhaus Gallery
semigloss. Magazine
West Dallas warehouse (500 Singleton Blvd.)
Stemmons Corridor office spaces (8500 N. Stemmons Fwy, Suite 3025 & 3020-G)
Fort Worth billboard

DB14: On View February 1 – May 31, 2014
Media Contact
Alison Starr