" Before and after"

Francis Giampietro 
" Before and after"
march 8 - 18th
reception march 15th 6-10pm

Francis Giampietro

Before and after

"Nostalgia is a product of dissatisfaction and rage. It’s a settling of grievances between 

the present and the past.” -Don DeLillo White Noise

Couldn’t it be that things thrown into the mixing pot of cultural exchange inevitably 

dilutes things beyond recognition? We want to change the world but ultimately that 

voice is just a rock in a river slowly being worn down and reshaped. 

All the work comes out of misgivings with things like: American football fandom, 

conceptions of work ethic, the cultural value of labor, saints, pigs, popes, the ongoing

trial of a housewife turned alleged terrorist, and hobby kits. Many of these things will get 

absorbed into the cultural mythology of the future. I want to play with what details might

survive a game of historical telephone.