The Event occurs each Saturday eve in February - 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. See detailed info below.


In the spirit of the 2010 Dallas Museum of Art exhibition, "Performance/Art," and New York's "Performa 13," the upcoming exhibition, "In The Room We Discovered An-other In The Corner" draws on dance, fashion, theater, music and technology to capture a snapshot of the current evolving nature of performance art.

Dallas exhibition organizer and artist Alison Starr will bring together more than a dozen local and national artists to make work that references the body and explores the idea of "the other” in a variety of media.

Exhibiting artists are from Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, New York City, and Norman, Oklahoma.

February 7, 2015 (7:15 – 8:30 p.m) Lily Taylor and Sean Miller explore sound and video in collaboration with textile artist Chesley Antoinette of Cantoinette Studios, costume designer Whitney Bracey and dancer Jacqueka Lee of Brown Girls Do Ballet in an immersive installation.

February 14, 2015 (7:00 – 8:30 p.m) video projection by Tim Best; live performance by Lindsey Allgood; live performance by Courtney Brown; and a sound installation by Sharon Turner which will also be exhibited February 21st and 28th.

February 21, 2015 (7:00 – 8:30 p.m.) Student Showcase: Video by NYU Tish MFA graduate Ricardo Gamboa; UTA graduate Lita Bush and UTA art student Zuma Attah perform Action 29b; live performance by UTA art students Abby Castillo-Hernandez and Andrea Alvaredo; video performance by UTA graduate Hector Ramirez; and a video performance by Anansi Knowbody.

February 28, 2015 (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) live collaborative and scripted performance by H. Schenck; live performance by Daniel Bertalot; and live scripted work by Autumn Knight performed by two local artists.

For more information contact Alison Starr 214-202-4468


This February, Dallas exhibition organizer and artist Alison Starr will bring together more than a dozen local and national artists to make work that references the body and explores the idea of "the other” in a variety of media.

Exhibiting artists are from Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, New York City, and Norman, Oklahoma.

The first weekend: Tessellated Fold
February 7, 2015 (7:15 – 8:30 p.m)
Lily Taylor and Sean Miller explore sound and video in collaboration with fiber artist Chesley Antoinette of Cantoinette Studios, costume designerWhitney Bracey and dancer Jacquekya Lee of Brown Girls Do Ballet in an immersive installation at the Art Beef / Beefhaus gallery space in Exposition Park, Dallas, TX. 

For more information about the other performances happening the rest of the month of Feb, follow this link:

Before Disappearing into the Wilderness

Civic TV Collective in conjunction with Beefhaus presents Andy Grotfeldt & Terry Suprean AT Beefhaus, Dallas TX. Opening Saturday Oct 11 from 7 - 10 pm. 

Andy Grotfeldt and Terry Suprean put forward a cooperative exhibition of new works

entitled Before Disappearing into the Wilderness October 11th at Beefhaus in Dallas Tx.

This pairing will showcase the various methods within the artists' individual practice that

address a shared yet divergent concern for the status of meaning in the modern era.

Through digital acquiescence and stubborn dismissal of technology Suprean and

Grotfeldt conversely seek a signification found in the ritualization of process.

Suprean's generous compositions result from combining a number of processes such as

installation, collage, projection and digital manipulation. These elements are

superimposed and compressed both digitally and practically into a photograph. Random

imaging and slippery coding are entangled among physical procedures and then

repeated, building lush imaginary spaces with ghostly figures that exist ambiguously

between the virtual and the physical realm. "Like Speaking In Tongues With Your

Thumbs is a series of works that at its core attempts to reach content through the process

of ritualizing technology; that is to sublimate the spinning gyre of media and technological

over stimulation we exist within into the ancient visceral drive to repeat finite actions until

meaning is reached through accumulation and simulation." Suprean translates childhood

memories of iconic images and experiences into scenarios of ghostly simulacrum using

all the means of production he has at his disposal, including "smoke and mirrors, primitive

projections, lens modification, etc." Suprean's maximalist approach, that teases the

viewer into decrypting foggy mythos colonized by familiar tropes of sexuality, religion and

death which renders complex, highly theatrical depictions of otherworldliness. Terry

Suprean is based in Houston where he works as an artist and instructor. He is also a

founding member of the Civic TV Collective.

Andy Grotfeldt is a Houston based artist whose practice is grounded in the traditions of

painting and drawing. Grotfeldt's tactile and handmade work offers a stark counterpoint to

Suprean's seductive photographic visions. Remaining intuitive and unaffected by the

whims of trending art practices, his works are conceived in the cauldron of day to day

struggles. Brooding and melancholic, Grotfeldt's paintings are sludgy and entropic

surfaces made from found images and patterned fabric that is methodically eradicated.

His drawings are accumulations of obsessive and deliberate ink marks that are slowly

built up using a grab bag of drawing supplies but relying heavily on common store bought

markers. Warm and luminous grounds are populated by singular geometric shapes subtly

recognizable as beings. These apparitions vacillate between humanistic and totemic.

These ambivalent lifeforms are projections of the artist's own personality, materialized

through the act of markmaking and surface covering. His works, though highly

emblematic, are not born from premeditated calculation. Instead, their aim is to "represent

a willingness to relinquish control over their environments and seem able to operate

functionally in a neutral state." Grotfeldt has shown in galleries in Houston and

Amsterdam, is an active member of the collaborative group Civic TV, and a legacy in the

international art movement FIUWAC.

" Actually " works by Patrick Romeo

A     C     T     U     A     L     L     Y 

at BEEFHAUS, Saturday, September 20th 7 - 10 pm ! 



opens saturday july 5th, 7-10pm beefhaus - 833 expo ave dallas

An object held by what it holds. 

Its exterior quotes an other interior. 

It moves within but cannot pass through. 

It is like a boat that bobs atop the water. 

It is like a boat whose bow and stern both are inches from the shore. 

It is like a measuring stick. 

Dylan Cale Jones is currently pursuing his MFA at Southern Methodist 

University. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 



A series of videos by Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe (viewable at night) at Beefhaus.

6/12 – King of the Dipshits 
6/13 – Silly Putty Dancer
6/14 РUntitled (Weihnachten im Dreikönigskirche)
6/19 – A Beetle on Its Back
6/20 – Untitled (Natsu Matsuri)
6/21 – Stray Dogs
6/27 – Tacoma Narrows
6/28 – Smithsonwater®

: the hallucinations of bugs makes it hard to concentrate / flying all around my head and disappearing where my clothes meet my skin / i swat at them and people think i’m insane / i probably smell like fruit :

artbeef : sheerspeed

the reception for the completed works will be on may 24th 6-8pm 
richland college galleries
12800 abrams rd.  dallas tx 75243



10 MAY 2014 ​~​ 8-11 ​PM

For this special extracurricular event, Art Beef (the collective/proprietors of BEEFHAUS)​ will employ two customized remote-controlled monster trucks in order to restage Yves Klein’s (French, 1928-1962) performance/paintingsAnthropom√©tries, for which the artist used live female participants to function as mediums for the paint. The audience will be invited to participate in the fabrication of the large abstract work, effectively controlling the entire process of creation of the work- the toy trucks functioning as surrogates for nude women. The title, Sheer Speed, refers to the 1959 exhibition of Klein’s blue monochrome paintings, for which he used his patented pigment formula. Art Beef is having International Klein Blue (IKB) specially mixed for the restaging of this collaborative one-night event. Upon the completion of the work by driving the remote-control vehicles through the enamel paint-covered micro-rally, the 12 x 15 foot painting will then be stretched on a panel and displayed at the Richland College Brazos Gallery in Dallas beginning May 24th. The entire evening will be recorded ​and transmitted between rooms ​via a suspended​ birds-eye-view GoPro™ camera in order for the audience to witness their essential participation via remote control occurring remotely in separate spaces between audience/artist and artwork.

lindsay mapes

BEEFHAUS presents SHOW IN A BOX, a solo exhibition of new work by Lindsay Mapes

    removed ( closure series ), ink and oil paint on panels 

BEEFHAUS is totally stoked to present its first international exhibition and the first US solo show of London-based artist Lindsay Mapes. The show will include some righteous new paintings, totally tubular artist-designed wallpaper, and radical artist-designed clothing, all of which crossed the Atlantic in one adorable small square box.
Lindsay Mapes (born 1977) received her BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2000, Post-Bacc. Studio Arts Center International in Florence in 2007, and completed her MFA in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art (UCL) in London in 2010.

833 Exposition Ave
Dallas Texas 75206

Opening reception: 17 May. 7-11pm.
Show runs from 13 May - 28 May 2014

For more information on the artist visit:

For more information on Art Beef / Beefhaus visit:

    shutup, acrylic on panels